Like most two year olds, Anthony likes to play hide and seek. Also like most two year olds, Anthony is a bit daft when matters of object permanence are involved. He is a firm believer in the magic of blocking his own vision to obscure yours.

Here is a list of places he has hidden recently, and how I was able to cleverly find him.

  1. In his sister’s closet, by standing behind her hanging clothing.
    The clothing only hung down to his waist.
  2. Underneath his wide-knit blankie.
    The blankie, being wide-knit, is rather see-through.
  3. Behind his hand.
    Viewed from the front, his hand is roughly 4 square inches, his body is rough 288 square inches.
  4. Behind both hands.
    He was still exposed by roughly 280 square inches
  5. Behind a curtain.
    The curtain is both white and transparent.
  6. Underneath his sister.
    His sister began crying.
  7. In between my legs.
    He was in between my legs.
  8. In his “bear cave” behind the couch.
    He was making bear noises.
  9. Standing still in the corner, looking right at me.
    He was standing still in the corner, looking right at me.
  10. In the back hall closet.
    He got scared in the dark, fell down, hit his head on the low shelf, and began crying and kicking when he realized he could not reach the knob and was locked in.