A child’s imagination is truly a fertile landscape. Every thing is a toy and every action is a game. It is inspiring and humbling to see the worlds they create.

Bri and Ant have been playing this awesome game lately called “Scream and Cry”.

It can start any number of ways. Sometimes they will be playing a different game together, or playing separately, or sometimes while coloring, or even while eating. It can begin at any moment, that is part of the fun!

Here’s how it goes:

Ant will stand up and look at Bri. Sometimes he will assume a strongman pose, flexing and strutting.

Then he takes a deep breath and screams in her face.

Now the fun really begins as Brianne dissolves in tears and runs away to find an adult. When she gets to Marie or me, we spend the next ten or fifteen minutes soothing her while Ant cackles with glee in the next room.

Little angels, they are.