This past weekend, I finally finished a large-scale landscaping project. In addition to celebrating a Job Well Done ™, this meant I had to clean up the sprawling mess of tools and left over supplies that had taken over the garage.

Half an hour into the job, Bri comes bouncing up behind me.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” She inquires.

“I’m cleaning the garage,” I tell her.

“Oh! Goodbye then!” She makes to escape before being asked to help.

Here is where I made my mistake. The way she said “Goodbye”, like she was so desperate to make an exit but still wanted to be polite, was funny. It was too loud to be casual, too fast. She was turning on her heel before the second syllable like a cartoon.

I laughed.

The next hour was punctuated every few minutes with Brianne running up behind me and screaming “HEYDADDYWHATAREYOUDOING!” and then exploding “WELLGOODBYETHEN!” before I could even answer.

Never laugh at your children’s jokes. You’ll hear them in your nightmares.