After a late-night run to the library, I returned home to find that Marie and Brianne had fallen asleep in our bed together. These things happen when you cuddle as much as we do. Opening the door briefly woke up Marie, just long enough to grunt and roll over. Brianne was out cold.

“Simple enough,” I thought, “just put her in her bed, brush my teeth and get to sleep early.”

I crept to the side of the bed, avoiding the floorboards I knew to be creaky. I reached out and slowly pulled the blanket off of Brianne. Past her shoulders. Down her back. Over her butt – revealing that her pj’s had been pulled down and her bare ass was now staring up at me. Still holding the blanket I look over at her face and see now that her eyes are staring up at me as well.

“ha ha, Daddy.” She whispers. “My butt.”

Well played, Brianne. Well played.