One of the funnest parts of daddying is creating new games to play with your children. Below are four of the most popular lately.

    1. Part of your Mumble
      • Brianne has a singing Little Mermaid doll that belts out the line “Part of your world” when you press on her necklace. I greatly enjoy singing, and I also greatly enjoy annoying my daughter; This game gives me an opportunity to indulge both, as I put my full octave towards singing “Part of yoooooour watermelon” or “Part of yoooouuuuur cup of miiiiiiilk” or “Part of yooouuur shooooooooes”, and so on, naming whatever is in my line of sight, all while Brianne gets progressively angrier at my lack of musical knowledge.
    2. Sack o’ Flour
      • This game stimulates every child’s innate love of being a sack full of flour. I play the delivery man, with the eponymous sack of flour (a child) over my shoulder. As I walk and spin around the house, swinging them all the way, I yell about how much I love delivering sacks of flour. After a few minutes, I dump them off my shoulder and then pause in mid-movement, looking at them, and exclaim “Whaaaa?! You’re not a sack flour! You’re a toddler! OH MAN!” Giggles abound.
    3. Lumpy Chair
      • Everyone love to sit in a chair, right? And when you sit in your favorite chair, you expect it to be nice and comfortable; Not lumpy. BUT, if it IS lumpy, that’d be hilarious. And such is the premise of the game Lumpy Chair. One or both children squeeze behind me while I am sitting in my chair, then giggle their asses off while I rock and bounce and push against them, exclaiming “Why is my chair so lumpy?! It used to be so nice!? I don’t understand why it feels like there is a toddler-sized lump in my chair?!” The game ends when I reach back to investigate the lump and inadvertently tickle whomever is currently digging their knees into my kidney.
    4. Punch Daddy in the Dick
      • Technically, this game is called Superheroes, but since the entirety of the play involves picking a superhero to be, and then wildly punching at daddy’s legs while he runs away, more often than not it just devolves into my penis getting a tiny fistful of imagination ground into it.