Celebrate your horrible sense of humor

Gifts for dads and dad‑enthusiasts.

Get a funny shirt for dad. And a mug. And socks too. You know what, just go browse around, you’ll find something hilarious for the old man.


Funny Shirts for Dad

Stand proud with these shirts. Declare both your sophistication and your utter lack of class to all those around you.

Wonderful Accessories

The Dad Lifestyle goes beyond shirts. You need to wage a multi-front war on un-dadness.


Things My Kids Made

As much as my children inspire me to create such wondrous things, I like to think I inspire them just as much. Failing that, I can always threaten them.

Doesn’t Dad have enough hilarious t-shirts?

No. Never. Dads love t-shirts like socks love sandals. Endlessly and purely. You should buy your dad a shirt because otherwise he’ll be a sad dad. And we don’t like sad dads. We like rad dads who smile and wear humorous shirts over their beautiful bodies.

But why a funny shirt for dad, specifically?

Why even wear a shirt if it isn’t funny? The Spirit of Dad runs on the pained groans and sighs of our loved ones. Our sustenance is derived from your annoyance. It is a cruel world that forces us to wear clothing at all, but since we must, we choose to use that space as a billboard to our soul. And <i>my</i> soul cries out for puns.

I want a drink

Buy a mug. Then drink from it. Then tell all your friends.

Why is it so important to hold the flashlight steady?

Because I’m trying to see this damn thing in here, it should just turn this way and be fixed but the son of a bitch is locked on somehow and I can’t see it, bring the light closer, damnit hold it still I can’t see.

I love you Dad

I love you too. You’re doing just fine.