General Manliness

Punch a Bear


The day had begun for Chesterfield as so many before. Coffee at sunrise, eggs, meat. Grab his ax and into the woods for the day. Hours passed as trees fell in his wake, the sound of blade on wood echoing through the valley. As he paused for lunch – more eggs and meat – he felt the eyes of the beast on him. There, across the glen, the animal reared up and roared.

Chesterfield rose to meet his adversary, shedding his standard issue red-plaid shirt. He strode through the grass in heavy canvas pants and work boots. The puff ball on his wool cap softly bobbing.

As the bear opened its jaws for another roar, Chesterfield struck. There was no sizing up, no testing strength. One punch. He had to return to his work soon, after all. But one punch is all he needed. The bear's body was launched back into the brush, rebounding among trees until the growls and yelps were but an echo.

A hint of a smile crossed Chesterfield's lips. Such is the life of the Lumberjack.


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